as opposed to的用法

2022-09-12 09:23:28

as opposed to意思为:与…截然相反,对照,与…相对,不是。表示的语气更强一点,更多地存在着“泾渭分明”的对立情绪。相关的短语有:turn as opposed to对……采取歧视的态度;go as opposed to 意为:回嘴。

guard as opposed to“听说上海口译提防”

as opposed to reason “情感”

defend as opposed to “保卫……省得受”

as opposed to its function “作为反对将其职能 ;,反对其功能”

I am here on business as opposed to a holiday .


How strange are realities as opposed to illusion !


This is a heated debate which involves materialist as opposed to idealist views .



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